Lotusland Newsletters

Lotusland has published a quarterly newsletter since the fall of 1992. The history of the property and the fascinating life of Ganna Walska are well documented in these writings. We encourage you to learn more about Lotusland through these newsletters. There are indices below for reference.

The copyright on these materials is owned by Ganna Walska Lotusland. For information on obtaining rights to republish a story, please call 805.969.3767 or send an email to info@lotusland.org.

Newsletter Cover Stories


2022 Summer An Adventurous and Abundant Spirit: A Tribute to Hania Tallmadge
2022 Winter The Ganna Tour: Tracing Madame’s Footsteps in Paris (Rose Thomas)
2021 Fall Ecological Gardening: A Model of Sustainability (Debra Piot, Ph.D &Corey Welles)
2021 Spring/Summer Cycads: The Most Threatened Plant Group on the Planet (Paul Mills)
2021 Winter The Spirit of Volunteerism (Volunteer Peggy Koegler)
2020 Fall How Gardens Heal Us (Nikki Evans, PhD)
2020 Summer Learning to Read the Book Mother Nature Gave Us (Lizzy Fallows & Corey Welles)
2020 Winter Madame Ganna Walska Portraits of an Era (Rose Thomas)
2019 Fall Plant Conservation (Paul Mills)
2019 Summer Japanese Garden Opens (Gwen Stauffer)
2019 Spring Connecting People with Plants (Paul Mills)
2019 Winter Ozzie Da Ros: A Lotusland Legend (Gwen Stauffer)
2018 Fall A Timeless Masterpiece (Gwen Stauffer)
2018 Summer How Lotusland Became Montecito’s World-Renowned Garden
2018 Spring Unconventional by Design (Gwen Stauffer and Rose Thomas)
2018 Winter Celebrating 25 Years
2017 Fall Exceptional Plants (Paul Mills and Gwen Stauffer)
2017 Summer Cactus Garden (Paul Mills)
2017 Spring Lotusland’s Nursery (Paul Mills)
2017 Winter MGW Scrapbooks (Rose Thomas)
Fall 2016 Reginald Johnson (Rose Thomas)
2016 Summer Lanterns in the Japanese Garden – Ishi Doro (Hulick/Hayes)
2016 Spring Passage to Lotusland – the main drive story (Hayes)
2016 Winter Cycads – Living Fossils (Hayes)
2015 Fall The Sentinel of the Great Lawn – Monterey Cypress (Stauffer/Hayes)
2015 Summer The Lotus Our Fascinating Namesake
2015 Spring Japanese Garden Restoration Project (Stauffer/Hayes)
2015 Winter FLOCK – Birds on the Brink
Fall 2014 Birds of Lotusland
2014 Summer The Development of Lotusland’s Horticulture Program – Mike Iven
2014 Spring Enemy of the Average
2014 Winter People in the Garden
2013 Fall Topiary Endowment
2013 Summer Romancing the Garden – the husbands
2013 Spring Bee: Pollination Partners
2013 Winter Press Photos of Madame Ganna Walska
2012 Fall Exceptional Plants
2012 Summer Blue Garden Renovation
2012 Spring The Gavit Era
2012 Winter Aloes
2011 Fall R. Kinton Stevens
2011 Summer The Diva’s Wardrobe
2011 Spring Lotusland’s Fauna (birds, bobcats, insects…)
2011 Winter Fourth Grade Outreach
2010 Fall Giant Ants Invade Lotusland
2010 Summer Topiary Garden – 10 Years and Growing
2010 Spring Enemy of the Average – Ganna Walska
2010 Winter Change in an Aging Garden – Oak Comes Down
2009 Fall Preservation Challenges at Lotusland
2009 Spring Charlie Glass in his Own Words
2009 Summer Fascinating Ferns
2009 Winter Recreating the Cypress Allee and Water Stairs
2008 Fall Trees at Lotusland
2008 Summer Courtyard Gets a Facelift
2008 Spring New Executive Director – Gwen Stauffer
2008 Winter Look Up in the Sky (Chemnick)  birds
2007 Fall Living Fossils (Hayes) Dawn Redwood, Ginkgo, Wollemenia
2007 Summer Madame Ganna Walska: An Eclectic Collector – jewelry
2007 Spring Chameodora Palms
2007 Winter Lotlusland’s Orchards
2006 Fall Architects and Architecture at Lotusland
2006 Summer Agaves in Bloom
2006 Spring Lotusland’s Theatre Garden
2006 Winter Bromeliads (Hayes)
2005 Fall Welcome New Director – Mike Bush
2005 Summer Cactus Garden Dedication
2005 Spring Gunnar Thielst: Ganna Walska’s Right-Hand Man
2005 Winter Aloes (Hayes – Mills)
2004 Fall Executive Director Shares His Retirement Plans
2004 Summer Carol Valentine:Lotusland’s First Lifetime Honorary Trustee
2004 Spring The Case of the Missing Mural
2003 Winter Right Plant, Right Place (Hayes)
2003 Fall Horticulture Magazine Award for Garden Excellence – (Hayes)
2003 Summer Madame Walska and Antonia Crowninshield: A Prickly Friendship
2003 Spring Madame Walska:Cactus Collector (1941-1953)
2002 Winter New Garden for the Dunlap Collection(Hayes)
2002 Fall Going Green (Timbrook)
2002 Spring Inaugurates New Public Programs Department
2002 Summer The Lotus (Hayes)
2001 Winter Lotusland Best Management Practices – (Hayes)
2001 Fall “Madame, You Will Like Them” – A Conversation with Bill Paylen (Timbrook)
2001 Summer Cycad Diary – In search of Ceratozamias (Hayes / Chemnick)
2001 Spring A Rare Opportunity – The Dunlap Collection Comes to LL (Timbrook)
2000 Winter Dynamic Dirt (Hayes)
2000 Fall Kids in the Garden
2000 Summer Madame Walska’s Topiary Garden (Amanda Jones)
2000 Spring Begonias (Hayes)
1999 Winter Ralph Tallant Stevens: A Legacy of Landscapes (Timbrook)
1999 Fall Getting to the Root of the Problem: Cycad Garden Restoration (Hayes)
1999 Spring Ganna Walska’s Japanese Garden (Hayes)
1998 Winter The Shell Pond (Hayes)
1998 Fall Extraordinary Specimens and Their Collectors (Hayes)
1998 Summer From Calvary to Nirvana: Madame’s Tibetland and the White Lama (Eastman)
1998 Spring Those Fascinating Air Plants (Timbrook)
1997 Winter The Next Step: Biological Sustainability (Lafleur)
1997 Autumn Pioneering Plantsmen of Santa Barbara (Eastman / Freeman)
1997 Summer Water Lillies: Lotusland’s Exotic Aquatics (Hayes)
1997 Spring Exotic Flora of Mediterranean Regions (Hayes)
1996 Winter The Garden of Imagination – Concretions (Freeman)
1996 Autumn Capturing Beauty: A History of Photography at Lotusland (Eastman)
1996 Summer History and Horticulture Preserved in Montecito’s Great Estates (Eastman)
1996 Spring Tree Care at Lotusland (Hayes)
1995 Winter Cuesta Linda & the Gavit Era (Sharon Crawford)
1995 Autumn Focus on Mexican Plants (Timbrook)
1995 Summer Spanish Moss (Timbrook)
1994 Winter Birds at Lotusland (Timbrook)
1994 Autumn The Conifers of Lotusland (Bruce Tiffany)
1994 Summer In the Shade Garden (Hayes)
1994 Spring Palms in the Landscape (Timbrook)
1993 Winter Aloe Garden Surprises
1993 Summer We’re Open
1992 Autumn The Legacy of Ganna Walska – New Visitor Center