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    • I hear it takes a long time to get a reservation. How far ahead do I need to book?

      We encourage  visitors and Members make a reservation three to  four weeks in advance for the best availability  although spaces are often available within a shorter window. If your preferred date is unavailable, please check back as we occasionally release tickets due to cancellations.

      After a Docent-led tour, can I walk around on my own?

      Docent-led tours are two hours long, filling your entire visit.

      Visitors may not walk around on their own after a docent tour as we hold to firm exit times for all reservations.

      What is the address to Lotusland?

      After booking your reservation, directions to the visitor entrance will be e-mailed along with your tour confirmation.

      Lotusland’s mailing address is for the administrative offices at 695 Ashley Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108.

      The Visitor Entrance is on an entirely different street, Cold Springs Road, near the intersection of Sycamore Canyon Road. This entrance has no street address.

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