Office/Main House

Spanish-Italian-Mediterranean building style

Photo by Lisa Romerein.
Main House
Office/Main House

Nestled in the Garden rests the longtime home of the late Madame Ganna Walska, but its legendary story does not begin with Madame. Originally, the E.P. Gavit family of Albany, NY, purchased the property in 1915 and commissioned esteemed architect, Reginald Johnson, to design an impressive house that embodies Santa Barbara’s Spanish aesthetic. Now, the Spanish-Italian-Mediterranean-styled residence plays an important role as home for the Lotusland’s administrative team.




Reginald Johnson

Known throughout California for his award-winning structures such as the Santa Barbara Biltmore, Music Academy of the West (the former estate known as Mira Flores), and Santa Barbara’s downtown post office, Reginald Johnson continued to build impressive homes in Montecito, Hope Ranch, and Pasadena for several decades.

Photo by Lisa Romerein.
Photo by Lisa Romerein.
Photo by Kim Baile.


The Pavilion is most commonly known as Madame Ganna Walska’s residence. Adjacent to the Main House, this charming, three-bedroom suite was designed in 1925 by architect George Washington Smith. Adorned with two patio fountains and finely wrought ironwork throughout, the arches and windows were also created by George Washington Smith. The Pavilion is closed to the public throughout the year but can be viewed occasionally during special events.

This season, Lotusland is proud to announce the restoration of our historic Pavilion Patio is underway. Repairs will be made to the infrastructure and water features as well as adding ADA-accessible pathways. Please pardon our construction as we tend to our beloved Pavilion Patio, and we look forward to welcoming you to experience the Patio in the Summer of 2023.





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Photo by Lisa Romerein.

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Photo by Lisa Romerein.