Frequently Asked Questions: Membership

    • How do I log into my Membership account to make a reservation?

      You can log into your online ticketing portal with either your pre-registered email or Membership ID. Detailed instructions are posted on the Member Reservation Information page.

      Does Membership guarantee access to the Garden?

      Membership does not guarantee access to the Garden. However, Members are granted early ticket reservations for each tour season and Garden Lover Circle members receive special visitation privileges.

      When can Members visit Lotusland?

      Members may visit during our regular tour times; however, reservations are required. To comply with Lotusland’s Conditional Use Permit, advance reservations are required for all Members and visitors. Learn More

      While priority reservations are available for current Members, Membership does not guarantee garden access. We recommend booking reservations four weeks in advance.

      Members should book tours online. If you need to book a tour with your guest passes, or have reservations questions, please call 805.969.9990. Pricing and benefits are subject to change without notice.

      There are additional events and programs open to Members – Please Visit our Events page, consult your Lotusland Newsletter or e-Bulletin, or call Visitor Services for more information – 805.969.9990

      Are reservations required?

      Yes. Per our Conditional Use Permit, governed by the County of Santa Barbara, advance reservations are required for all Garden visitation.

      Does my Membership include my children or grandchildren?

      Memberships at the Friends & Family level and above include children  or grandchildren, ages 3-17, on all visits.

      Does my Membership include guest admissions?

      Yes, for some Membership levels. Members who sign up at the Friends & Family level and above receive different amounts of guest passes. Please see Membership level details for more information.

      Can I still use free admission passes that have no expiration date?

      Free admission passes that have either expired or do not have a date printed on them are no longer valid.   To activate admission passes or member guest passes which have not yet expired, please call 805.969.9990

      Can I purchase a gift Membership?

      Yes. Please call our Membership team at 805.969.3767 ext. 115.

      If I want to give someone a gift Membership, what will the Membership package include?

      A welcome letter with the name of the gift donor, Member digital card(s), our Shop & Save partners list, and a bonus digital magazine subscription for one year to Better Homes & Gardens.

      Is my Membership tax deductible?

      Membership fees are partially tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Please see membership level details for specific tax deductibility.

      Members can email when they sign up for their Membership and elect to decline all benefits, making the Membership 100% tax deductible. Members who elect to decline all benefits will not receive benefits with fair market value. Please contact to ask which benefits have fair market value for each membership level.

      Can I pay for a Membership using a Donor Advised Fund?

      Yes. Lotusland accepts Membership payments from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), however the Member must waive all associated benefits with fair market value. This includes complimentary visits for the Individual, Dual, and Friends & Family membership levels and guest passes. Bifurcated payments are not allowed.

      Please call (805.969.3767 ext. 115) or email ( the Membership team if you have questions concerning what benefits you will or won’t receive when paying with your Donor Advised Fund.

      Questions about the policies of your specific Donor Advised Fund can be directed toward your fund advisor.

      How many digital Membership cards will I receive?

      You will receive one digital Membership card for each person listed on the Membership. Benefits only apply to the person named on the Membership card.

      When should I expect my Membership materials to arrive in the mail?

      Membership materials will be mailed out within two weeks of your joining or renewing, however your digital Membership cards will arrive in your email immediately following your Membership purchase.

      Can I pick up my Membership materials in person?

      No. Membership materials will be mailed to you within 2 weeks. Please call 805.969.3767 ext. 115 to arrange alternative options.

      How do I open my digital Membership card?

      At the bottom of your digital Membership card email, sent right after joining or renewing, click either “Add to Apple Wallet” if you have an iPhone or “GPay Save to phone” if you use an Android phone. Follow the instructions to download your card to your digital wallet. It is highly recommended you complete this process on your phone, so you will have access to your card when you are outside your home.

      Do I need to present my digital Membership card when I visit Lotusland?

      No. Your Membership card includes information that can be useful to make a tour reservation, but the card in not required upon entry.

      What is the purpose of my digital Membership card?

      Your Membership card can be used for discounts at various partner nurseries and retail shops. For a full list, please see our Members Shop and Save Program.

      Can I become a Member and make a reservation at the same time?

      Yes, reserve a reservation online and add a Membership upon checkout.

      Can I roll my admission price into a Membership after my tour?

      As both Membership and admissions fees provide crucial funding for Lotusland, this is not an option.

      When does my Membership expire?

      Your Membership is valid for 12 months from the time you sign up. Memberships lapse on the final day of the month.

      If I want a Membership for two people (Dual level or above), do I have to provide the names of both people?

      Yes. Each Member must be named and each will receive a digital Membership card.

      Can Members come to the Garden when it is closed to the public (mid-November to mid-February)?

      We are closed for regular docent-led and self-guided tours; however, we schedule special Member events during this time.

      Is Lotusland Membership open to those who live outside the Santa Barbara area?

      Yes. Lotusland Members live all over the world.

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