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Lotusland commemorates its 30th anniversary as a public garden, coinciding with the announcement of the Lotusland Forever capital and endowment campaign.


Ganna Walska Lotusland celebrates its 25th Anniversary of being open to the public with a special exhibition, Building a Botanical Nirvana: The Story of Lotusland.


The Insectary Garden is renovated for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility, improved aesthetics and optimum effectiveness in attracting pollinators and beneficial insects into the garden.


The Palmetum Garden, designed by Eric Naglemann, is built around a restored path and bench in a long 514-foot axis that extends through the Cypress Allee south to the Wishing Well.


The Water stairs, Cypress Allee and foyer in the Main House, all created during the Gavit era, are renovated. The loss of a large California live oak and the removal of a beetle-infested Monterey pine result in the need for…