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Ganna Walska learns of Grindell-Matthews’ death at his home/laboratory in Wales. Bernard declares his love and proposes. Ganna travels to California for six weeks and is inspired to purchase a small self-sustaining ranch or farm. Bernard comes to California to…


Ganna Walska escapes France on the last commercial clipper plane, before the German occupation. She returns to New York and begins writing her memoirs. She takes yoga lessons and attends seminars with self-proclaimed “White Lama,” Theos Bernard.


Madame Walska is introduced to Harry Grindell-Matthews, a physicist and inventor who shares her love of opera. Their engagement is announced in August. She is bothered by his egotism and jealousy.


Harold McCormick, resigned that Ganna Walska will never live with him in Chicago, files for divorce. He and Ganna remain on friendly terms for the rest of his life.


Ganna Walska receives the Polish Gold Cross of Merit from the Polish Premier and in 1934 she is awarded the French Legion of Honor for her contributions to French culture.


Madame Walska wins her U.S. Customs case, establishing the right for American women to have a separate domicile from their husbands. She also purchases the Chateau de Galluis, a country estate outside of Versailles and Ganna begins cultivating the property…


Ganna Walska goes into the perfume and cosmetic business, creating numerous fragrances and beauty products to help defray the costs of her theatre and its renowned orchestra.