Ganna Walska is devastated when Dr. Fraenkel dies of a stomach ailment.
Three months later, aboard the Aquitania en route to Paris, she meets Alexander Smith Cochran, the sole heir of Smith Carpet Manufacturing. He proposes two days later and several times again until she accepts, and they marry on September 15. Harold McCormick, who had received a divorce from Edith Rockefeller and is in love with Ganna Walska, comes to Paris to ask her to leave Cochran. Though regretting her marriage, she refuses.

Continuing her lifelong interest in the meaning of life, Madame Walska examines Numerology, Rosicrucianism and Eastern religions, as well as yoga, astrology, and meditation.

Cochran’s jealously over her career, forces Ganna to cancel her long-anticipated performance with the Chicago Opera.