Lotusland in Origami: Flora, Fauna and Ganna

In anticipation of the re-opening of the Japanese Garden, we are presening an exhibition of master works of origami — an art form that has its origins in Japan, and is now hugely popular worldwide. The exhibition features folded paper sculptures created by 13 local and national artists whose work has clearly transcended the craft of origami and entered the world of art. Co-curated by Asian art historian Meher McArthur, and artist Holly Sherwin, the exhibition is divided into three themes, each representing one aspect of Lotusland: Flora, Fauna and Ganna.

Lotusland’s Pavilion comes alive with origami birds, bugs, beasts and plant life folded by some of the most renowned artists in the origami world. All of the flowers and creatures — koi fish, butterflies, lotuses, succulents, crows and blue jays — relate to those found in the gardens, and a section of origami dresses, purses and jewelry was inspired by Ganna Walska herself.

The exhibit opens March 1 and runs through May 18 and is part of the garden tour.