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Ashley Adelson

Ashley Adelson, a California native, completed her bachelor’s degree at Chapman University and earned her MBA while living in Europe.…

Jeanne Anderson

Jeanne Anderson and her husband Robbie live in Montecito and Beverly Hills and have been Lotusland Members since 1994. In…

Mark Schmidt

Mark Schmidt recently retired as the Director of Finance and Operations at Crane Country Day School. Prior to his experience…

Wendy Schmidt

Wendy Schmidt is a philanthropist and investor who has spent nearly two decades creating innovative non-profit organizations to work with…

Mari Mitchel


Mari is a native Californian, born in Pasadena and raised in San Marino.  Immediately following graduation from Pitzer College, she…

Elizabeth Macias

Development Coordinator and Archives Assistant

Hillary Tentler

Reservation Specialist

Bonnie Colwell

Susan Boettner

Creative Director

Benjamin Brown

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