Tillandsia usneoides


Tillandsia usneoides

Spanish Moss

Highlight Month:


Southern United States, Central and South America

Growth Habit:

This bromeliad is one of the “air plants” that simply hang from trees, shrubs or even manmade structures. It takes all its water and nutrient requirements directly from the air with the help of specialized hairs called trichomes. The leaves are very thin and thread-like and tiny flowers may be observed in summer (a hand lens can help).

Growing Requirements:

Spanish moss grows naturally where temperatures are mild to warm and humidity is high. Frequent misting is required to grow it in naturally arid environments.


The silvery gray foliage can festoon trees in a garden setting. It has historically been used as a stuffing in cushions and pillows.

Where at Lotusland:

Throughout the bromeliad gardens.

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