Tillandsia bergeri


Tillandsia bergeri

Air Plant

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Native to Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Growth Habit:

An epiphytic plant that grows on rocks or tree branches. Each individual plant produces new shoots in all directions from its leaf bases, and will rapidly grow into a ball.

Growing Requirements:

This air plant is adaptable to different light levels, but will grow best in bright, filtered light. It needs regular watering. If it becomes dehydrated, the plant can be refreshed by soaking it in water for a few hours. T. bergeri can be grown indoors, though they will need misting if the humidity is too low. When grown outdoors they will tolerate light frost, but not freezing.


The plants have narrow gray leaves arranged spirally along the stem. In late spring they produce long, pink flower stalks, each of which will have 7-12 flowers. The petals are light purple with white at the base.

Where at Lotusland:

Many clumps of T. bergeri are growing throughout the Bromeliad Garden and there are also some growing on rocks in the Fern Garden.

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