Scadoxus multiflorus var. katherinae


Scadoxus multiflorus var. katherinae

Blood Lily

Highlight Month:


South Africa.

Growth Habit:

A perennial with bright green wavy-edged leaves 15 inches tall, producing flower stems up to 2 feet tall. The foliage is deciduous from late fall until early spring.

Growing Requirements:

Plant the bulbs 2 feet apart in light to full shade. Water regularly during the spring/summer growing season.Scadoxus is sensitive to frost, however in colder regions the bulbs can be stored indoors for the winter dormant season. They will also grow well as a container plant.


The name “Blood Lily” comes from the red-speckled bulb. Large globes of salmon-pink flowers are borne on tall, thick stems. The flowers are followed by decorative red berries.

Where at Lotusland:

Blood Lilies can be found throughout the Fern Garden

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