Quercus agrifolia


Quercus agrifolia

Coast Live Oak

Highlight Month:



Growth Habit:

Coast live oaks may grow to 50 or 60 feet, with a widespreading canopy many times that in great age. It is evergreen, dropping some of its old leaves in the dry period and growing new ones in the rainy season.

Growing Requirements:

This species is widely adapted; growing from the edge of riparian regions to grassy savannahs. It needs no supplemental irrigation, but can tolerate water in summer if given excellent drainage.


Oaks provide a multitude of resources to insects, birds and mammals. This month, the acorns are dropping; a major source of food for numerous insects, birds such as scrub jays and acorn woodpeckers as well as squirrels and other rodents.

Where at Lotusland:

Scattered throughout the garden, the oaks are a remnant of the native vegetation of the site. Lotusland staff protect and encourage seedlings that germinate in appropriate sites to preserve this resource.

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