Puya alpestris


Puya alpestris

Sapphire Tower

Highlight Month:


The Andes of southern Chile

Growth Habit:

This plant forms clumps 4-5 foot tall with the foliage in many rosettes. The leaves are very narrow with spiny edges and are silver on the underside. The clumps can reach ten feet across.

Growing Requirements:

This dry-climate bromeliad does best in full sun to light shade. It is drought tolerant, needing little water. It adapts to poor soils and prefers good drainage.


In spring the plant produces five foot tall stalks bearing clusters of bell shaped flowers that are an unusual metallic turquoise. In the center of the flower are bright orange anthers. The bare lateral branches on the flower spikes provide perches for pollinating birds.

Where at Lotusland:

A very large clump of Puya alpestris grows in the Butterfly Garden.

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