Nymphaea species


Nymphaea species


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Cultivated origin

Growth Habit:

Hardy and tropical waterlilies grow in lakes and ponds in shallow water from 2 to 6 feet deep. Hardy types go dormant and remain in the pond year round. Tropical varieties are mostly treated as annuals outside the tropics, although they may be over-wintered in a warm tank.

Growing Requirements:

Waterlilies are rooted in the mud in nature, so they require planters or pots in a water garden. Use good soil without organic amendments and plant in full sun.


Waterlilies provide a nearly unlimited spectrum of colorful flowers in the water garden. Hardy varieties occur in white, pink, red, yellow and shades of orange. Tropicals are more electric and include the above colors as well as blue and purple. There are some tropical varieties that bloom at night, opening in late afternoon and closing by mid-morning. All others bloom during the day.

Where at Lotusland:

In the ponds adjacent to the original swimming pool and in the Japanese garden pond.

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