Nymphaea ‘Madame Ganna Walska’


Nymphaea ‘Madame Ganna Walska’

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Garden origin

Growth Habit:

This waterlily is in the group known as tropicals. These species and selections only thrive in the tropics or ponds that are warm year round. Only reluctantly can they be coaxed into going dormant and in cool weather climates, they typically are grown as annuals.

Growing Requirements:

All waterlilies are rooted in soil and in cultivation in ponds are grown in large planting containers filled with soil containing no organic material. Most are heavy feeders and require plenty of balanced fertilizer to grow lushly and bloom well. Tropical waterlilies may be over-wintered in heated tanks, if available.


This pink-flowered selection was bred by hybridizer Jack Wood and named for Madame Walska (pink was her favorite color). It also has striking maroon variegation on the leaves.

Where at Lotusland:

In the water garden.

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