Mahonia lomariifolia


Mahonia lomariifolia

Chinese Holly Grape

Highlight Month:


Myanmar (Burma) and western China.

Growth Habit:

A tall narrow perennial to 6-10 feet tall. It has evergreen leaves which are composed of up to 40 stiff, thorny leaflets that are clustered near the ends of the non-branching stems.

Growing Requirements:

Best grown in partial shade to avoid burning the foliage, and planted in well-drained soil.


M. lomariifolia is not a true holly, but is a member of the barberry family. The common name of ‘holly grape’ refers to the plant’s stiff holly-like leaves and round grape-like fruit. Fragrant yellow flowers bloom from winter to early spring. After they fade, they are followed by attractive powder blue fruit which often attracts birds.

Where at Lotusland:

There are four specimens in the Japanese Garden.

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