Laelia anceps


Laelia anceps

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Laelia anceps is native to Mexico.

Growth Habit:

This orchid species grows epiphytically on trees. Specimens may be mounted directly on the trunk of a suitable tree or attached to a plank and hung in the garden.

Growing Requirements:

Laelia anceps should be positioned in light to moderate shade. Established plants can stand some drought, but do best when watered regularly. Bloom production can be enhanced by monthly applications of dilute liquid fertilizer.


Laelia anceps is one of the easiest orchids for outdoor culture in Southern California. It survives temperatures as low as 22° F and does not mind hot summers.

Where at Lotusland:

There are a couple of clumps of this orchid hanging above the bromeliads near the pavilion and another is attached to a palm trunk in the fern garden.

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