Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi


Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

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Growth Habit:

This succulent-leaved plant forms sturdy stems that are topped with clusters of nodding, bell-shaped flowers. They are an interesting shade of dusky rose that contrasts nicely with the bluish gray of the leaves. In winter, when the flowers are emerging, the leaves may also take on a reddish tinge because of the cold.

Growing Requirements:

This kalanchoe is readily propagated from stem cuttings or by simply sticking the base of a leaf in well-drained soil. Grow in full sun to moderate shade. It is very drought tolerant and requires no supplemental water once established.


The flattened leaves are scalloped along the margins and are often held at an optimum angle toward the sun, making the whole plant look two dimensional.

Where at Lotusland:

Growing at the base of the tall Kalanchoe beharensis plants near the bromeliads and succulents.

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