Iochroma coccinea and Iochroma cyaneum


Iochroma coccinea and Iochroma cyaneum

Highlight Month:


There are around 20 species of Iochroma, native to Central and South America

Growth Habit:

The two species of Iochroma growing at Lotusland are shrubby perennials 8-10 feet tall. They can be trained as a small tree or pruned into a rounder shrub form. The flowering is on the new growth, so prune stems back at the end of the blooming season to promote next year’s flower production.

Growing Requirements:

Plant in full sun to partial shade. Iochroma are not drought-tolerant and require regular watering during the summer months.


Iochroma have 3 inch long tubular flowers that hang down from the branches. They flower from spring through fall, or sometimes all year round in warm-winter areas.

Where at Lotusland:

There are both red-flowered (Iochroma coccinea) and blue-flowered (Iochroma cyaneum) species growing in the Fern Garden.

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