Hakea petiolaris


Hakea petiolaris

Sea Urchin Hakea

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It is native to a small area in the southwest part of Western Australia.

Growth Habit:

A shrub or small tree growing to 20 feet tall. Flowers bloom in late fall – early winter.

Growing Requirements:

Grows best in sun with well-drained and preferably acidic soil. Drought-tolerant.


The common name refers to the flowers, which are arranged in round clusters of up to 200 pale pink flowers with long styles that resemble a sea urchin or pincushion. The flowers attract nectar-feeding birds. After the flowers are done, woody seed pods form which cling persistently along the branches. The leaves are oval, gray-green and come to a sharp point at the tip.

Where at Lotusland:

There are two Sea Urchin Hakeas in the Australian Garden, directly across from the Visitor Center.

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