Encephalartos ferox


Encephalartos ferox

Tongaland Cycad

Highlight Month:


South Africa, Mozambique

Growth Habit:

This cycad is typical of many African species of Encephalartos. It has a rosette of very tough and spine-tipped leaves that arise from a large stem. The stems may be one and a half feet in diameter. This species grows in coastal areas in grass and other scrub vegetation from KwaZulu Natal north to Mozambique. It often occurs within 50 yards of the beach.

Growing Requirements:

E. ferox does best with full sun and regular water. It must have excellent drainage to prevent fungal problems in our cold, wet winters. Cycads are slow-growing.


The brightly colored cones of E. ferox as well as the glossy green foliage make this a very handsome garden specimen.

Where at Lotusland:

In the cycad garden.

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