Dianella tasmanica


Dianella tasmanica

Australian Iris, Flax Lily

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D. tasmanica is native to SE Australia including Tasmania.

Growth Habit:

A clumping shrub with strap-shaped leaves growing 3-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. It spreads rapidly by underground rhizomes.

Growing Requirements:

It will grow in sun to partial shade; it needs more shade in hot climates. It can be drought-tolerant but the foliage will look better with some additional water. Grows best in well-drained soil.


Clusters of small blue star-shaped flowers in spring are followed by bright blue berries which hang on their stems for over a month. There is a cultiver ‘Variegata’ that has white-striped leaves.

Where at Lotusland:

Flax Lily is planted in many of the beds bordering the Visitor’s Center parking lot in the Australian Garden.

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