Clivia hybrids


Clivia hybrids

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Cultivated origin, but the several species from which they were hybridized are native to South Africa where they are known as the “flame of the forest.”

Growth Habit:

Clivia are perennials growing in clumps of dark green, glossy leaves are handsome year round. In spring, each clump produces a single flower stalk topped with a profusion of tubular flowers. The species are typically orange, but many forms from pink, salmon and now the rarest, yellow are available.

Growing Requirements:

Full to partial shade and moderate water are needed. They can tolerate some dry periods in winter. Plants are frost tender.

Where at Lotusland:

There is a mass planting across from the citrus orchard and several clumps in the fern and tropical gardens. The yellow flowered form is across the path from the drinking fountain in the fern garden.

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