Bowiea volubilis


Bowiea volubilis

Climbing Onion

Highlight Month:


Southern Africa.

Growth Habit:

A perennial bulb with leafless branching stems up to 15 feet long. The stems can be trained to grow upward with support or they will spread along the ground.

Growing Requirements:

Grows best in sun to partial shade in well-drained soil. The plant should be watered very little during its deciduous dormant season. Begin regular watering when new stems start to grow from the top of the bulb. This plant is not frost-tolerant.


Bowiea volubilis is not related to onions (the Alliaceae family), but is in the Hyacinth family (Hyacinthaceae). Its onion-like appearance comes from its fleshy bulbs which grow partly exposed above the soil. These can reach up to 10 inches in diameter and are bright green and scaly. They spread by offsets which cluster around the main bulb. The plant produces small green star-shaped flowers twined along the stems.

Where at Lotusland:

The Climbing Onion is found in the Succulent Garden.

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