Begonia ‘Lotusland’


Begonia ‘Lotusland’

Highlight Month:


Cultivated variety

Growth Habit:

This variety is in the rhizomatous group of the large genus Begonia. Thick horizontal stems creep along the ground and support large, lobed leaves and sprays of small deep pink flowers.

Growing Requirements:

Light to deep shade and regular water.


This variety was introduced into cultivation by Rudy Ziesenhenne, a grower and taxonomist for this interesting group, who had a nursery in Santa Barbara. It was a chance seedling in his greenhouse without a name until Ziesenhenne was prodded by a National Geographic photographer to give it one. At the time, many begonias were being planted in a new fern garden at Lotusland, so he honored Madame Walska by naming this new hybrid after her estate.

Where at Lotusland:

In the fern garden.

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