Begonia ‘Freddie’


Begonia ‘Freddie’

Highlight Month:


Garden origin.

Growth Habit:

This begonia has large (about 1 inch diameter) creeping rhizomes. Large leaves arise along the length of the rhizome on long hairy petioles. Small, bright pink flowers are held in airy clusters above the foliage.

Growing Requirements:

Most begonias grow best in dappled shade or half sun and require even moisture. Brief exposure to light frost may burn the foliage. Freezing temperatures will kill the plant.


The large (up to 2 feet or more in diameter) leaves are glossy green on top and burgundy red underneath. This cultivar is a hybrid created by the famed Rudy Ziesenhenne by crossingBegonia manicata ‘Aureo-maculata’ with B. barkeri and was named for one of his sons.

Where at Lotusland:

In the fern garden.

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