Aristolochia gigantea


Aristolochia gigantea

Giant Dutchman’s Pipe

Highlight Month:


Brazil and Panama

Growth Habit:

A rapidly-growing woody vine with heart-shaped leaves.

Growing Requirements:

Grows best in full sun to partial shade, with regular watering. It can also grow quite large planted in a container if given something to climb on.


The very large (up to 12” across) flower face is a dramatic burgundy with a large yellow center and lighter veining. Flowers bloom from summer through fall. The common name “dutchman’s pipe” comes from the tubular structure behind the flower face that traps insects for pollination. This Aristolochiais not carnivorous, and the insects will escape covered with pollen.

Where at Lotusland:

The Dutchman’s Pipe is growing in the courtyard between the main house and the pavilion

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