Archontophoenix cunninghamiana


Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

King palm

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Growth Habit:

This stately palm grows at a moderate rate to 60 feet in height. The feather-shaped leaves form a smooth crownshaft as their bases completely encircle the trunk at their base.

Growing Requirements:

Regular water and rich soil. King palms can tolerate freezing temperatures to 24° F.


King palms have slender trunks and a crown of gracefully arching leaves. Once mature, their pale ivory to violet inflorescences are striking in summer and the numerous bright red seeds that follow the flowers are highly decorative. They are “self-cleaning”, meaning that their fronds drop of their own accord when they are dead.

Where at Lotusland:

Planted in twos and threes along the main driveway near the Japanese garden.

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