Araucaria bidwillii


Araucaria bidwillii

Bunya-Bunya, Bunya Pine

Highlight Month:


Queensland, Australia

Growth Habit:

An evergreen coniferous tree which can reach up to 100 feet tall. Younger trees have a distinctive conical shape, which becomes rounded with age as the lower branches are dropped. They make beautiful shade trees with enough space, though the large cones and fallen spiny dried branchlets make them hazardous in areas with pedestrians.

Growing Requirements:

Grows in full sun to partial shade; needs regular watering. Young plants make good container specimens outdoors and also indoors, as they are able to grow well in low light.


Bunyas have two types of foliage. The younger or understory needles are narrow, glossy green with a point and are arranged in two rows. Mature leaves are stiff with very sharp points and spirally arranged around the branchlets. A. bidwillii produces very large, spiny female cones up to 2 feet long and 1 foot wide, weighing 10 – 15 pounds. The cones take two years to mature, and each contains up to a hundred seeds. The seeds were a food source for aboriginal Australian peoples.

Where at Lotusland:

There are five A. bidwillii at Lotusland growing in the Japanese Garden and the Blue Garden.

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