Anigozanthos flavidus


Anigozanthos flavidus

Kangaroo Paw

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Growth Habit:

A perennial that forms clumps of thick grasslike leaves 2-3 feet wide with flower stalks up to 5 ft tall.

Growing Requirements:

Full sun, well-drained soil and moderate water in summer.


Anigozanthos is grown for its unusual flowers, as the common name “Kangaroo Paw” refers to the way the fuzzy, tubular flowers are curved at the tips like “paws”. Plants will flower from May to fall, and will rebloom best if old flower stalks are removed.

Where at Lotusland:

The chartreuse-flowered species as well as bright yellow and reddish-pink varieties can all be found in the Australian Garden, the area around the Visitors’ Center.

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