Aloe speciosa


Aloe speciosa

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South Africa

Growth Habit:

This aloe grows to 15 feet or more with a single rosette of grayish green leaves at the top. The rosettes usually tilt toward the direction of greatest sun exposure. The large, unbranched inflorescences have deep pink buds that mature to greenish white flowers with reddish brown stamens. As they open in succession from the bottom to the top, the entire bloom is tri-colored.

Growing Requirements:

Aloe speciosa is very easy to grow. It requires full sun and good drainage. Water only to get plants established. It is hardy to 25 – 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Aloes are very drought tolerant and provide color in the garden during their winter blooming season. This species is one of the latest to bloom and extends the season into March.

Where at Lotusland:

There are several plants in the aloe garden and along the main drive near the Sycamore Canyon Road gate.

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