Acer palmatum cultivar


Acer palmatum cultivar

Japanese Maple

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Growth Habit:

Japanese maples can eventually become rounded trees to a height of thirty feet. With careful pruning, such as is done with most of them in the Japanese garden at Lotusland, they are sculpted to beautiful shapes and may be only ten to twelve feet (or less) in height. All are deciduous and some have reddish new foliage (pictured), while others have brilliant fall colors.

Growing Requirements:

Tolerant of shade, Japanese maples will also grow in full sun. Regular water and fertilizer are required. Excessive heat and alkaline soils will cause the leaves to burn at the edges.


There are over a thousand different cultivars of Japanese maple. Chosen for their foliage colors, bark characteristics and even seed pod attributes, they are a quintessential element of any Japanese style garden.

Where at Lotusland:

In the Japanese garden; many locations.

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