Saving the World’s Most Endangered Plants

Photo by Lisa Romerein.

Help Save Lotusland’s Cycad Collection

By the early 1970’s, Madame Walska had amassed one of the greatest cycad collections in the country. Today, Lotusland is successfully engaged in the critical work of protecting threatened and endangered species of plants from around the world and saving them from extinction. Among those plants are cycads – some of the most threatened plants on the planet.  As the garden was being built, Charlie Glass (the first garden director), wrote Madame, “This will be one of the greatest achievements of our lives.”

Today, more than 40% of the species in Lotusland’s cycad collection are threatened with extinction and at least three are already extinct in the wild– they exist only in botanical gardens. 

Lotusland is at the forefront of the international scientific community to save these rarest of plants. Your support helps to advance and accelerate this critical work, and ensure Lotusland’s participation, prominence, and impact in the global conservation community.

Save the Cycads

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Photo by Lisa Romerein.