Theatre Garden

The Theatre Garden was constructed in 1948. There is seating for one hundred on three tiers of benches made of sandstone.

One of Madame Walska’s “grotesques” in the theatre garden.
One of Madame Walska’s “grotesques” in the theatre garden.

Here she placed her collection of antique stone figures, called “grotesques” from Galluis, France, which she retrieved after World War II. They are believed to be fashioned after engravings of “Gobbi” (literal translation: “Grotesque Dwarves”) made by French artist Jacques Callot in the 1600s, but little is known of their provenance.

The original tall hedges were Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa). In 1988, Isabelle Greene created a design without cypress, which is susceptible to fungal attacks, instead using African boxwood (Myrsine africana) in the audience section and fern pine (Afrocarpus gracilior) for the stage backdrop and wings.

The renovated theatre was dedicated to the memory of Reginald M. Faletti, Lotusland’s first president, in August 1990.