Succulent Garden

Succulent plants are those which survive periods of prolonged drought by storing large amounts of water in their stems, leaves, or roots.

Aeonium urbicum (rear) and Echeveria (foreground)
Aeonium urbicum (rear) and Echeveria (foreground)

The Succulent Garden, originally created for Madame Walska in the 1940s, was renovated in the 1970s. All plants were removed, the soil was amended, drainage addressed, and, to great effect, sandstone was added for contrast.

Interesting forms here include caudiciform succulents like Madagascar palm (Pachypodium lamerei), which has unusual enlarged stems. Other succulents in this garden are Aeonium, Fouquieria, and Kalanchoe. Mass plantings of Echeveria and Haworthia act as groundcover.

A large steel sculpture of sunflowers stands here and nestled among the background plantings are several stone statues purchased by Madame Walska in the 1940s.