Fern Garden

Lotusland’s original Fern Garden was designed in 1968 around Madame Walska’s collection of Australian tree ferns (Sphaeropteris cooperi).

Begonia 'Lotusland'
Begonia ‘Lotusland’

It features giant staghorn ferns (Platycerium) hanging from the branches of coast live oak trees (Quercus agrifolia) as well as different types of tree ferns under-planted with many other fern species and Begonia species and cultivars.

The garden is bordered by the swimming pool, which was built in 1947 and renovated in 1990. The pool area includes an adjacent sandy “beach” sporting giant clam shells and a stone wall planted with succulents.

The Fern Garden was greatly expanded in 1987. To the east of the pool, a pathway winds between beds planted with many shade-loving plants including angel trumpet tree (Brugmansia), calla lily (Zantedeschia), and Clivia hybrids, as well as a collection of Hawaiian Pritchardia palms.