The Gardens

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Significant Plant Groups

Lotusland’s 37-acres are home to more than 3,000 different plants from around the world. There are several prominent plant families represented at Lotusland. They include:

Palm family (Arecaceae):
47 genera, 148 taxa.

Bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae):
32 genera, 236 taxa.

Cactus family (Cactaceae):
90 genera, 485 taxa.

Three families containing cycads (CycadaceaeStangeriaceae and Zamiaceae): 10 genera, 188 taxa.

Succulence (the quality of sequestering water in a plant’s tissues) occurs in many plant families.

Lotusland has many succulent collections, most notably the aloes – 160 taxa and succulent euphorbias – 85 taxa. Succulents, other than aloe and euphorbia, total 22 families, 67 genera, 341 taxa.

Another significant collection comprises the ferns, with 12 families, 54 genera, 165 taxa.

The total collection includes 208 different plant families and 3286 distinct taxa.