topiary garden

The topiary garden’s centerpiece is a working clock, 25 feet in diameter, that dates from 1955. Renovated in 1998, the clock face now features three different low-growing succulents and copper zodiac signs that were crafted to replicate earlier ones. The clock is bordered by a ring of chalk sticks (Senecio mandraliscae). In 2013, Lotusland received $1 Million gift from an anonymous donor for the purposes of creating an endowment fund to sustain, in perpetuity, the topiary garden.

Topiary Garden

In 2001, landscape designer Lori Ann David and Lotusland staff re-designed the area, which now features new topiaries created in shapes reflecting the original topiary circus. Twenty-six animals include a camel, gorilla, giraffe, and seal as well as chess pieces and geometric shapes.

A new low-growing boxwood maze was added at the lower end of the garden, incorporating an original marble fountain and an antique baptismal font.

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