Naming Opportunities

Torri with 20% G w GML
Lotusland Japanese Garden News

Torii Entrance (A)  
Restore the existing stone staircase and add a side path to enable wheelchair access. $650,000

Torii Gathering (B)  FUNDED
Create a gathering area at the foot of the stairs and add extensions to existing paths.  $200,000

Reflecting Pond (C)
Reconstruct the pond’s edge to control erosion. Line the pond to achieve two feet of clarity so that the Koi fish can be viewed while also concealing the pond’s bottom. An appropriately sized bio-filtration system added to maintain water quality and clarity. $1,000,000

Stone Bridge (D)
Restore the Stone Bridge’s support system hidden beneath the bridge. Restructure to ensure adequate drainage for the Waterfall and Pavilion Pond systems. $1,000,000

Karesansui Garden (E)
Refine with stone paving to enhance the dramatic rocks already in place. Extend the path around pond. Renovate plantings to revive the Dry Garden Gathering as a discreet and intimate space. $450,000

New West Garden Gate (F)
Create a new public entrance to provide handicap access directly from the visitor parking lot. Features include a Japanese gate. Modify all paths from this entrance to accessible. $300,000

Water Stairs Gathering (G)
Modify the Waterfall, add seating and gathering space at the bottom of the Water Stairs. Adjust paths to make entrance more accessible. $500,000

Waterfall (H)
Relocate the Waterfall twenty feet closer to the Reflecting Pond, creating viewing areas and gathering points for each. Reline the stream bed to prevent erosion. $600,000

Cryptomeria Gathering (I)  FUNDED
Install a new gathering space located by the stream at the bottom of the water fall behind Cryptomeria trees that have been carefully pruned in the Niwaki style. $100,000

Pavilion Bridge/Waterfall (J)
Add a new path system below the Pavilion to lead visitors to the Reflecting Pond. Create a new waterfall, added to the Bamboo Pond, whose stream will flow underneath the new bridge and continue to meet the existing Water Fall creek. $100,000

Wisteria Pavilion (K)
Replace the existing Pavilion and reposition it to take advantage of the view of the entire garden and Reflecting Pond. Make it more aesthetically appropriate. $1,000,000

Aloe Garden Gate (L)
Restore an abandoned path from the Aloe Garden to create access for physically disabled visitors through both gardens. $300,000

Bamboo Pond and Garden (M)
Restore the small waterfall and integrate it into the Japanese Garden. Improve the ponds viability for aquatic plants and add bamboo plantings to help create a transition between the Japanese and Aloe Gardens. Complete a footpath weaving through the bamboo to discretely connect the Japanese and Aloe Gardens. $500,000

Shinto Shrine (N)
Modify the base of the shrine to be proportionate to the scale of the shrine. Relocate out-of-scale lanterns. $500,000

Miwatasu Gate (O)
Add a traditional Japanese gate. Include additional plantings along the drive to screen the garden. $400,000

Miwatasu Overlook (P)
Create a new overlook and gathering space, situated on the highest point of the garden. The new Cherry Walk, also key to the accessibility plan, begins here. $750,000

Spring Blossom Walk (Q)
Add an accessibility path flanked by appropriate flowering trees. $200,000

Lotus Viewing Deck (R)
Install a Lotus Viewing Deck, using salvaged wood from a sequoia in the Reflecting Pond. $1,000,000

Lantern Entrance (S)
Using existing Japanese stone lanterns from the garden, frame this new entrance and paths to lead visitors to either the new Spring Blossom Walk or down to the new Lotus Viewing Deck. $150,000

Arch Bridge (T)
Add a new Arch Bridge, spanning (and masking) the outflow of the new bio-filtration system. $100,000