Veltheimia bracteata


Veltheimia bracteata

Forest Lily, Winter Red-hot Poker

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Forest Lily, Winter Red-hot Poker

Growth Habit:

A bulb with strap-shaped leaves. The foliage may be evergreen in cool climates, but is more likely to have a summer dormant period. The bulbs are frost-tender, and can be grown as potted plants in cold-winter areas. After a few years, the main bulb makes offsets which can be divided or left in the ground to spread.

Growing Requirements:

Veltheimia bulbs should be planted in autumn in moist, well-drained soil. They grow best in partial to full shade with regular water during growing season, less after flowering.


Forest Lily has a rosette of attractive glossy green leaves with wavy edges. In late winter to early spring, one foot tall stems bear clusters of tubular pink flowers. Each flower head will last up to a month, then will be followed by inflated green seed capsules containing small green seeds. The seeds can be harvested once the capsules dry out and the seeds turn black.

Where at Lotusland:

There are many plantings of Forest Lily throughout the Fern Garden.

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