Nelumbo nucifera ssp. nucifera


Nelumbo nucifera ssp. nucifera

Asian lotus

Highlight Month:


Asia, Russia, India, Malaysia, northern Australia

Growth Habit:

Lotuses are aquatic perennials. They grow from tubers under the soil in still or slow-moving fresh water at a depth of six inches to three feet (or more). The large leaves and flowers rise above the surface of the water during the summer months in most temperate regions, although in the tropics, they may grow nearly year round.

Growing Requirements:

Soil depths should be a minimum of one foot and water depths can range from six inches to three feet. Full sun or at least six hours of sunlight a day will ensure vigorous growth and maximum flower production.


Lotus leaves are coated with a waxy layer that sheds water (search on “lotus effect”) and the flowers of the Asian lotus are shades of pink or white. The closely related American lotus flowers are pale yellow or cream-colored.

Where at Lotusland:

In the water garden and the Japanese garden pond

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