Ginkgo biloba


Ginkgo biloba

Maidenhair tree

Highlight Month:


Southeast China

Growth Habit:

This deciduous tree can grow to 50 feet or more.  The species is dioecious, meaning that a tree is either male or female. Most trees sold today are propagated from known males as the females produce very smelly “fruits”.

Growing Requirements:

Ginkgos require consistent moisture and can grow in full sun to partial shade. They are remarkably unaffected by urban smog and have been widely planted in Asia as street and park trees.


The fan-shaped leaves are reminiscent of the maidenhair fern and turn a buttery yellow-gold in late fall. In Southern California, the deciduous period is short and the trees are clothed in new leaves in early spring.

Where at Lotusland:

There are several mature trees (one female!) in the Japanese garden. Another specimen has been pruned and trained in the niwaki style.

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