Dioscorea elephantipes


Dioscorea elephantipes

Elephant’s Foot

Highlight Month:


Southern Africa

Growth Habit:

Over time, the plant develops a caudex (a thick water-storing stem base) with vines up to six feet long growing from the top. It may go dormant, with the foliage dying off during the summer or during dry periods.

Growing Requirements:

Dioscorea is cold-sensitive and needs to be grown in a frost-free area or indoors. It can grow in full to partial sun, and needs well-drained soil with low watering, especially when dormant.


The caudex is divided by corky segments on the bark which make it resemble an elephant’s foot or a turtle shell. The flowers are very small and greenish-yellow.

Where at Lotusland:

There is one specimen of Elephant’s Foot at Lotusland, growing in the Succulent Garden.

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