Aloe arborescens f. mutabilis


Aloe arborescens f. mutabilis

Highlight Month:


Native to South Africa.

Growth Habit:

This aloe, which is now recognized to be just a form of A. arborescens was formerly known as A. mutabilis. It forms rosettes of green leaves at ground level that are about three feet across. It eventually forms clumps with smaller plants forming from the stem of the original. It blooms in winter with red tubular buds that open to pale yellow.

Growing Requirements:

Aloe arborescens f. mutabilis is very easy to grow. It requires full sun and good drainage. Water only to get plants established. It will survive short periods of frost.


Aloes are very drought tolerant and many, such as this one, provide color in the garden during their winter blooming season.

Where at Lotusland:

There are several clumps of this aloe in the aloe garden.

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