Agave attenuata


Agave attenuata

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Growth Habit:

This agave is among only a few that do not have sharp spines along the edges or at the tip of its leaves. The leaves are soft and light green forming rosettes up to four feet across. It often branches near the base of a stalk to form larger clumps. The inflorescences arch up and then toward the ground and individual flowers bloom in succession from the base to the tip over a long period. A blue-leaved selection (Agave attenuata‘Boutin Blue’) has erect inflorescences. Both types often produce many little plantlets along the spent flower stalk that will root on the ground if given the chance.

Growing Requirements:

Agaves are by and large desert plants. Their succulent leaves store water through dry periods making them extremely drought tolerant. Give them good drainage and a sunny or only slightly shaded site.


The bold rosettes of leaves provide a good accent plant in the drought tolerant garden. They even blend well with more tropical looking plants.

Where at Lotusland:

Outside the pink wall along Sycamore Canyon Road and lining the main driveway just inside the Sycamore Canyon Road gate.

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