Horticultural Philosophy

It has become apparent that the long-term use of toxic pesticides, fungicides and chemically-based fertilizers can pollute water sources, destroy soil ecosystems and harm people and animals. Lotusland’s horticultural staff have extensively researched other solutions to pest and disease control.

Lotusland’s namesake flower in bloom.
Lotusland’s namesake flower in bloom.

As a result, all materials now used in the garden are certified organically-based and the least harmful alternatives available.

Lotusland’s goal is to apply our growing knowledge base that addresses the ecology of the garden. We employ management practices that will promote the health of the individual plants and the garden as a whole. These include green waste recycling and composting, natural treatment of soil-borne diseases, application of compost “tea” as a fungal preventative, soil improvements promoting good drainage to encourage root health, use of cover crops, and weed management and nutrient cycling for soil fertility through mulching.

Lotusland employs nontoxic pest management techniques, plants species that attract beneficial insects, in some instances releases beneficial insects into the garden, and encourages the health and feeding of earthworms through mulching.

Staff have presented these practices at workshops and encourage both garden professionals and home gardeners alike to implement similar programs that support more natural systems.