Madame Walska may have inherited an established orchard from the Gavit family, but she continued to add to it. As was her style, Ganna wanted one of everything, particularly exotic fruits such as papaya and cherimoya that she had learned to enjoy. The Lotusland fruit orchards contain hundreds of trees divided between deciduous and citrus trees. The deciduous orchard contains fruit trees including peaches, plums, apples, pears, persimmons, and figs. Orange, lemon, lime, kumquat, grapefruit and guava trees are planted in the citrus orchard.

Why mulch?:

Like people, plants need certain nutrients to survive. Nature has amazing ways of cycling nutrients between plants, animals, and the land to be used and reused! When these cycles are disrupted, fertilizer is often added to the system, yet one way of working with nature is to mulch, where a thin layer is added to the surface of the soil. This simple practice helps to retain soil moisture and regulate temperature, both outcomes that keep organisms in the soil alive, promoting the natural cycling of nutrients! Our orchards are heavily mulched, to the point that an active biological system provides nutrient cycling – and no fertilizing is needed.

Lemon Arbor:

The original arbor was created circa 1920s. It was replicated in 1988 with new Eureka lemon trees planted at each upright post, which have since been trained to cover the arbor.