Lotusland’s plant collections comprise mostly exotic (non-native) plants from around the world. Many of them are grouped together according to plant type or family. Ferns and begonias form the basis for the display collection in the shade garden. Palms are found throughout the property, cycads are grouped together, cacti and euphorbias flank the driveway, aloes surround the shell pond and bromeliads thrive in two shady areas, among other specialized displays.

Because of Lotusland’s mission to conserve and promote the display of these dramatic plants, Lotusland has formed affiliations (some informal, others more formally) with the following organizations and societies that specialize in the plants in the collections.

As a premier botanic garden, Lotusland maintains ties with professional organizations that support and promote botanic gardens such as:

For the application of ecological principles in Lotusland’s maintenance practices, visit Green Garden Links.