FLOCK Gallery

Guest Curator Nancy Gifford

February 28 to May 23, 2015

In addition to the breathtaking gardens of Lotusland, visitors will experience FLOCK, the contemporary art exhibit inspired by an environmental imperative – the global loss of wild bird populations and their role as indicators of the health of our planet.


FLOCK - GalleryR.T. Livingston - Sitting Ducks: Hiding in Plain Sight-SiteSharon Beals - Blue SwallowRobyn Geddes - Red CrowRobert Gligorov - La Leggenda di BobeFLOCK Silent SpringFLOCK - Flutter and Strum FLOCK - Flutter and Strum detailPenelope Gottlieb - Solanum dulcamaraPamela Larsson-Toscher - DeborahNorm Reed - Dream of the RavenNathan Huff - Fortunate FindMurder of Crows in the Blue GardenMichael Long - Put it on my billGary Smith - Curly Willow by the Lotus PondGary Smith - DracenaGary Smith - Orchard WhipsMaria Rendon - NestLynn Brown -Fan Dancer ChimeraS. Gayle Stevens - TintypesS. Gayle Stevens - Nest TwinsLiza Meyers - Lotus NestLaurie Hogin - Arcadian Habitat DioramaPhilip Koplin - BricolagePhilip Koplin - Bricolage DetailKeith Puccinelli - CrowKaoru Mansour - Cactus BirdJuan Fontanive - Ornithology Flip-BookJoe Shelton - Peacock TamedJane Edden - 80 Handley-PageJames Hodgson - Blue Crowned MotmotAlan Macy - Plume CathedraTom Mielko - CrowsDavid Hochbaum - MurmurationDavid Hochbaum - Bird HousesFatemeh Burnes - BarcodeLuis Alberto-Velazquez - Seedpod 6Esther Traugot - Quail EggCheryl Medow - White IbisAnne Luther - Songbird EtudeSusie Read-Cronin - Four and TwentyKarley Feaver


Flying High Sponsors
Belle and Daniel Cohen
Nancy and Michael Gifford
Santa Barbara County Arts Commission*

Nesting Sponsors
Rich and Luci Janssen for the Linnea S. Hall, Ph.D. and René Corado Lecture
Susan Jorgensen and Alice Gillaroo
Adele and Loi Nguyen
Jeffrey Romano and Stan Shayer
Santa Barbara Independent
Kate Schepanovich

Tweeting Sponsors
Marc and Joanna Appleton
Dan Bifano and Allan Brostrom
Tim and Louise Casey
Robert and Christine Emmons
Jim Foster and Sandra Russell
HUB International Insurance Services
Gretchen and Robert Lieff
Judy and Dave Messick
Eileen and Alex Rasmussen
Nancy B. Schlosser

Diondra Dee
Doyle-Morgan Structural Engineering
Joanne Holderman
Connie and John Pearcy
Santa Barbara Winery
Gwen Stauffer

We are pleased to have collaborated with the following organizations:
Chaucer’s Books
Santa Barbara Audubon Society
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

*This project is funded in part by the organizational Development Grant Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.